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*patronimic, from father's name


Born in 1961 in Novovyatsk, Kirov region, Russia (now a district of Kirov), a Virgo. Parents are retired high-school and technical college teachers. Married, one child.

2008 - 72-hour professional development course Psychological and Pedagogical Training of Higher-School Teachers at the Vyatka State University
2008 - 40-hour course Biotech Equipment Terminology at the Klenzaids Institute of Biopharmaceutics, Umbergaon, India
2007 - training courses SWOT Analysis of an Organization, Quality Standard Assessment and Modern Methods of Conflict Resolution within an EU funded project in Kirov
2005 - training course Social Action Process (participatory action research) within a EU funded project in Kirov
2003 - 2-week intensive course Advanced Business Communication at the Klenzaids GMP Academy, Umbergaon, India
1996-present - self-study of computer usage and software: MS Word, MS Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Abby Lingvo, etc., of HTML.
1994 - 3-week intensive course Management of Investment Projects under the EU TACIS program at the SOGEA Business School, Genoa, Italy
1986 - 2-month course in computer basics at the Moscow Institute of Automobile Mechanics
1978-present - self-study of Italian
1978-1983 - Kirov State Pedagogical Institute (currently the Vyatka State University of Humanities), Faculty of Foreign Languages, specialist's diploma with distinction Teacher of English and German

WORK (full-time):
1995-present - Vyatka State University, Chair of Foreign Languages - Senior Teacher (Assistant Professor) of English at the Faculty of Economics, teacher of Italian at the Department of Complimentary Education
1985-1995 - ibid. (former name - Kirov State Polytechnic Institute) - teacher of English at the faculties of engineering automation and civil engineering
1983-1985 - service under conscription in the Army, Kaliningrad region - private
1983 - Kirs [electric] Cable Works, Kirov region - project interpreter

WORK (part-time):
2006-2007 EU TACIS project Developing Social Services for Vulnerable Groups III (target group - people living with HIV/AIDS) - project interpreter/translator in Kirov
2004-2006 - EU TACIS project Developing Social Services for Vulnerable Groups II (target group - young people) - project interpreter/translator in Kirov
1998-2001 - linguistic centre Relod, Kirov - teacher of Computer English, Translation Theory, Italian
1996-2002 - Kirov branch of the Moscow Institute of Humanities and Economics - teacher of English at the faculties of law and economics
1994-present - private lessons of English and Italian
1988-present - freelance journalism - articles in the Kirov and US periodicals, programs for international broadcasters
1985-present - private translation/interpreting practice, English, Italian and Russian

PUBLICATIONS - see here >>

March 2007 - letter of thanks from the Governor of the Kirov region

DXing (reception of shortwave and satellite broadcast stations), travelling (most of Europe, Lebanon, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal), photography, web design, mountain bike, skiing, collecting coins, banknotes and stamps

18.06.07 - horror at an English exam


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