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and welcome to our family's web home!

The actual one is in KIROV, a.k.a. VYATKA, in the East of the European part of Russia (more precisely, 58°30'19.25'' North / 49°41'48.65'' East, clearly seen with the Google Earth).

Here are our highlights of the year 2010 (for larger pictures and more info please click on the thumbnail image):

23.12.10 - Igor brought a big natural Christmas tree from the neighbouring wood. The operation being illegal, it involved skiing late at night, in the full-moon light.
10.12.10 - Ilya presented his project on tin soldiers at the regional conference First Steps - 2010 and got a finalist's diploma. Real tin soldiers had been cast by Igor using the mould made with the aid of a mould grinder that was specially bought for the project.
10.12.10 - Igor accompanied an Italian specialist to Ukhtym in the neighbouring Komi republic.
December - Ilya's passion for cats resulted in a temporary adoption, by Igor's parents, of a stray kitten, Busik.
29.11.10 - Igor, after a visit to Kirovo-Chepetsk, arranged a meeting of the Italian consultant and his client, a potential investor, with the deputy governor of the region.
26.11.10 - Ilya is 10 years old. The party was held the next evening.
06.11.10 - The lock on the garage where SAAB 99 is kept was found damaged and had to be substituted. No further attempts of breaking in.
25.-26.10.10 - Igor carried out simultaneous interpreting at the international conference on renewable energy organized by the regional government at his university.
24.10.10 - Ilya participated in the city Intellectual Marathon in Kirov, won the 4th place.
23.10.10 - Igor attended the opening of the Legend sculpture organized by his mobile operator.
10.10.10 - Igor, Ilya and Igor's parents visited the site of mother's native village as well as relatives in Bydanovo and Belaya Kholunitsa 100 km from Kirov.
04.10.10 - Igor accompanied the Italian consultant in Vakhrushi and Kirovo-Chepetsk.
27.09. - 02.10.10 - Igor interpreted for an Italian consultant at a furniture enterprise in Nakhabino near Moscow (yet staying in the city).
27.09.10 - Ilya started attending preparatory courses at the Kirov Lyceum of Economics and Law.
06.-25.09.10 - Ilya stayed with Igor/Helen (substituting each other for 2 or 3 days, when free from work) at the sanatorium Solnechny near Kirovo-Chepetsk. Collecting mushrooms for the first time that summer.
01.09.10 - Ilya started the 4th form.
August - Igor made a cabinet with sliding mirror doors in the toilet - to store sundries and visually expand the cramped room. Also completed a small workbench in the loggia and reconstructed an overhead shelf in the corridor.
05.08.10 - Igor and Ilya joined the world community of treasure hunters by buying a sophisticated metal detector: Garrett ACE 250 with a big coil. The first field tests yielded a small stone-like ferrous object - probably a meteorite.
31.07.10 - Igor's first encounter with the road 'robocop'. It became known only a month later, with the arrival of a bill for speed driving.
30.07.10 - Record temperature: + 39°C in the sun - a protracted heat wave. The air conditioner was on all the days through.
June - Igor translated, into English, the brochure Passport of the Kirov Region published by the regional government. Its zipped pdf version is available here
14.06.10 - Igor watched an open-air concert of the legendary Soviet/Russian rock group Mashina vremeni (Time Machine) right from his university department.
12.06.10 - Igor and Ilya attended the City Day celebration in Kirov.
06.06.10 - Igor received, thanks to a Russian friend in Canada, a copy of the book for which he did the major part of translation work years ago - On the Comic and Laughter by the Soviet scholar Vladimir Propp. The English version was published by the University of Toronto Press on November 7, 2009 and is still available from the Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million.
30.05.-05.06.10 - Igor interpreted for an Italian consultant at 3 furniture enterprises in Moscow.
23.05.10 - A bicycle was bought for Ilya. He learned to ride it with full confidence within a week.
22.05.10 - Helen's father died. Helen and Igor attended the funeral on 26.05.10.
18 and 25.04.10 - Igor and Ilya visited Igor's father at the Avitek sanatorium in Kirov, famous for its winter garden.
22.03.10 - Ilya had his appendix ablated at the Regional Children's Hospital, stayed there for 7 days, the first day and night with Igor.
13.-15.03.10 - Ilya, accompanied by Helen, attended the Academic Gymnasium - 2010 intellectual contest in Saint Petersburg. Group visits to Peterhof, the Hermitage, the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography and the Russian Museum of fine arts
07.03.10 - Ilya and Igor visited an exhibition of tropical butterflies in Kirov, bought a living Morpho to keep at home.
21.02.10 - A record freezing temperature: - 35°C at night.
14.02.10 - Igor attended the Russia's Ski Track mass ski race not far from home
13.02.10 - Ilya presented his research into the origin of the river name Chumovitsa at the regional contest I am a Researcher at the Kirovo-Chepetsk Gymnasium No. 1 and got a prize-winner's diploma.
19.-21.01.10 - Ilya, accompanied by Helen attended the Olympic Marathon intellectual contest in Moscow arranged by the NGO Gifted Children of Vyatka. Also group visits to the Holy Trinity-St.Sergius Monastery, the Tretyakov Gallery, the SoyuzMultFilm animated cartoon studio and the Obraztsov Puppet Theatre.
January - Igor translated, into English, some info on the regional economy for the government web site.
01.01.10 - Unlimited low-cost (ca. USD 8 per month) Internet access started via a different provider, in addition to the 50 Mb per month limit (just for the email) via the old one.

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